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Welcome from the Principal

Bishopstrow is all about providing a learning environment for international students: learning English, learning how to make the most of a British education, learning about the culture of the UK and learning to share the wisdom and insights of their own culture with others.

At Bishopstrow, students participate confidently in class, always in English and they also discover a variety of ways they can enjoy a UK education – through sport, drama and music.  They learn a positive approach and develop skills to become independent learners, as well as critical thinkers.  All this in the supportive, friendly and professional environment of Bishopstrow.  Helping students at all levels develop for a successful future.

The strength of the reputation of Bishopstrow College meant that I knew of the College before I was appointed Principal and on my first visit, it was clear to me why the College, with its expert staff and the highest standards, is so regularly recommended by those who know it well.

I look forward to welcoming you to Bishopstrow, so that you can see for yourself why Bishopstrow is so highly regarded.

Mario Di Clemente

About Bishopstrow

Established in 2006, Bishopstrow College is a year-round fully residential boarding school offering English language and academic pathway programmes to prepare international students, aged 7-17 years, for entry to the UK‘s top boarding schools . Bishopstrow is located close to the popular cities of Bath and Salisbury, providing attractive and modern learning and boarding facilities.

Set within an 8 acre campus, Bishopstrow‘s boarding houses provide students with a warm, safe and nurturing environment.  Boarding at Bishopstrow provides for rich experiences which will help students develop personal skills and the sense of independence needed for their onward academic journey.

Bishopstrow‘s reputation is underpinned by providing an exciting and stimulating education, which focuses on English language and academic preparation programmes.

  • Flexible Programmes, with the College operating an innovative four term academic year.  Students are prepared as quickly as possible for entry into mainstream boarding schools (minimum 1 term to a maximum of 4 terms).
  • The College operates as a traditional British boarding school, with a full sports and activities programme, ensuring excellent preparation for entry into a mainstream boarding school.
  • Modern facilities, including a teaching and learning centre, with interactive touchscreens in all classrooms, science laboratory, library and study spaces, common rooms, MUGA (Multi Use Games Area), football pitch and grass areas for sport.
  • Small class sizes, with a maximum of 8 students per class for English and 12 students for other academic subjects, allowing very high levels of individual teacher time.
  • A commitment to academic excellence, with an exceptional academic record with 100% success in Cambridge English Language Assessment and IGCSE examinations (45% A*-A, 100% A*-C grades in IGCSE examinations in 2020).
  • Personalised approach to learning, with an Individual Learning Plan for every student, detailing progress and areas for improvement in English, academic subjects, sports and boarding.
  • A diverse international community, with up to 80 students enrolled each term, representing 20 nationalities.
  • Teaching Partnerships and visas. The College has Teaching Partnerships with more than 100 leading boarding schools in the UK, enabling international students requiring a Student Child visa to enrol on a pre-sessional course at Bishopstrow, under the Student Child visa issued by the ’destination school’.

The College offers a range of study options, including:

  • Junior College Programme, for students aged 7-11.
  • Middle College Programme, for students aged 11-14.
  • Senior College Programme, for students aged 14-17 .
  • 1 Year IGCSE Programme, for students aged 15-16.
  • Academic Summer Programme, a 5-week course offering 7 subjects, with a focus on English, for students aged 7-17.

With no affiliation to other schools, Bishopstrow has developed an excellent reputation in the UK as a stepping stone to over 100 leading boarding schools worldwide.

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