Governance within the group is the responsibility of the proprietors and the management teams at Bishopstrow and Padworth, which include highly experienced independent school heads.

In recent inspection reports, governance across the IFE schools has consistently been recognised as a strength, with inspectors commenting:

  • “The proprietors ensure that the leadership and management of the school demonstrate good skills and knowledge and fulfil their responsibilities effectively so that the well-being of pupils is promoted actively.” Padworth College, January 2020
  • “Appropriate leadership and management of boarding ensure that the required policies and records are maintained and effectively monitored.” Padworth College, November 2018
  • “The proprietors ensure that the leadership and management demonstrate good skills and knowledge, and fulfil their responsibilities effectively, so that the other standards are consistently met and the actively promote the well-being of pupils.” Bishopstrow College, September 2018
  • “The senior management team is responsible for the strategic development of the school; the two owners/directors also have clearly defined areas of responsibility. The team works closely together and cover arrangements are in place.”  Bishopstrow College, April 2016

Copies of the most recent inspection reports can be found at the College websites.

Bishopstrow Inspection Report                  Padworth Inspection Report

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